Danville officer shoots man seconds after he tells him to drop knife

Tyrell Wilson: Bodycam footage shows police officer killing black man in California

Andrew Hall charged with manslaughter and assault for separate shooting in 2018

Stuti Mishra@StutiNMishra
Friday 23 April 2021 10:49

Graphic video footage of the killing of a black man in in Contra Costa County last month has been released by the sheriff’s office, within 24 hours of the officer being charged with manslaughter and assault for a separate shooting in 2018.

Andrew Hall was booked into county jail in Martinez on Thursday for assault in a 2018 shooting in Danville that killed a suspect during a slow-speed chase. On Wednesday, the sheriff's office released a bodycam video of Mr Hall fatally shooting Tyrell Wilson last month.

The video footage from March is from Mr Hall’s body camera and shows an altercation between him and Wilson for 40 seconds before the fatal shooting.

According to US media reports, Mr Hall had arrived at the spot after receiving a report of a man throwing rocks at passing cars on the highway on 11 March.

In the video, he can be seen walking towards a corner where he sees Wilson walking across the street.

Mr Hall can be heard calling out for Wilson to stop in the video. Wilson asks the deputy who he is and the two men get into a verbal altercation for a few seconds.

“Don’t touch me or you’ll see what’s up,” Wilson says to the officer as he displays a knife in his right hand. Mr Hall points his gun at Wilson and orders him to drop the knife.

Seconds later, Mr Hall then fires a shot at him and Wilson is immediately seen falling to the ground.

After the bodycam video was released on Thursday, felony charges were announced against Mr Hall for the death of Laudemer Arboleda in 2018, when he was a sheriff’s deputy.

Mr Hall is accused of shooting Arboleda nine times during the chase. His department claimed he fired the shots in self-defence, however, the Contra Costa County District Attorney has dismissed the claim, saying he “used unreasonable and unnecessary force”.

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