Atlanta shooting survivor opens up about aftermath of attack

Atlanta shooting survivor shares video of aftermath of spa attack

Attack was over in less than a minute and about half a dozen shots were fired

Oliver O'Connell
New York
Saturday 20 March 2021 10:12
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A customer at one of the massage parlors attacked by a gunman in the Atlanta area on Tuesday has shared a video taken immediately after the shooting.

The footage was recorded before law enforcement arrived at the first of the three businesses targeted by alleged killer Robert Aaron Long.

Four of the eight people killed that evening were at Young’s Asian Massage, west of Woodstock in Cherokee County, Georgia.

Aired by Fox 5 Atlanta, the short clip shows shattered glass on the floor and what appears to be one person assisting another who had been wounded.

The clip is part of a longer piece of footage that was considered unsuitable for broadcast.

Filmed by a man who wished to remain anonymous, he did recount his terrifying experience.

During his massage, he and the woman treating him both “heard a ‘pow’”.

“Then we stopped and looked at each other. I got up, then we heard another ‘pow’,” he said.

“I ran and ran behind the bed, laid there, all of a sudden I heard another ‘pow’ and then she drops ... and then another ‘pow’. I thought I’m about to die.”

He adds: “I saw her drop, I saw it all.”

The customer says he believes he heard about half a dozen shots before the shooting stopped. He then heard women come out from hiding saying to call the police.

“It was too late to be scared once it had happened.”

The attack lasted approximately a minute and the customer did not see the gunman.

Of the eight people killed, six were Asian American women.

Robert Aaron Long has been charged with eight counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault and could face the death penalty.

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