Young girl's heartbreaking reaction to Barack Obama leaving sweeps the internet

'I don't allow her to see anything about Trump', girl's mother tells reporters

Harry Cockburn
Thursday 04 August 2016 08:37 BST
Four-year-old cries when she discovers Obama won't be President anymore

A devastated four-year-old burst into tears when she found out Barack Obama will no longer be president of the US after the next election, in footage sweeping the internet.

A video of four-year-old Abella Tomlin went viral after her mother Andrea filmed her weeping uncontrollably in the back seat of a car after she told her daughter that Mr Obama’s second term as president was coming to an end.

When her mother asks her why she is so sad, she replies: “I miss Barack Obama”.

As her mother films her, the distressed child implores her mother to let her watch a film and “cuddle me and everything - that will make me feel so much better”.

But her mother suggests they write Mr Obama a letter and asks her daughter what they should put in it.

The girl reluctantly agrees, and her mother then suggests she sends the video of her crying child to the president.

Unfortunately, the girl is too upset to contribute anything beyond a tear-laden gurn and a hopeless glance at the outside world through the car window.

Ms Tomlin, from Beaverton in Oregon, said: “Abella has been an Obama fan since day one.

“She has grown up with him as a hero in our household, and as such has always talked about how much she loves him.

“So I explained to her that the country is getting ready to elect a new president.

“She immediately had tears running down her face and explained to me that Barack Obama was our president and how could we get a new one when we already had one.”

In the video, Ms Tomlin can be heard asking her daughter whether she thought Hillary Clinton would make a good President.

The four-year-old appears positive, if somewhat apathetic about the prospect of the former secretary of state as president, and through her tears only replies: “I think so”.

Speaking to reporters, Ms Tomlin added: “I don't allow her to see anything about Trump.

“I find him to be unpredictable and inappropriate for most, and definitely for my kids.

“I don’t want her to see a grown man making fun of people or using hate speech.”

She added: “If we can’t have Obama, then Hillary is the one for us.”

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