White woman calls police on black family’s BBQ - so neighbourhood throws huge street party

Woman claimed family were using the wrong type of grill 

Sunday 13 May 2018 18:33 BST
Woman calls the police because black people are having a barbecue

A lakeside party has been thrown at the location where a white woman called police on a black family – because they were barbecuing.

Video footage of the unidentified woman went viral after she reported the al fresco diners, ostensibly because they were using a charcoal grill in a non-charcoal area.

A friend of the family – Michelle Snider, who is also white – recorded the bizarre events at Lake Merritt, in Oakland, California, on April 29.

She accuses the woman of harassing the barbecuers because they are black.

The woman rejects the claim but many online believed the charcoal vigilantism was the latest example of black people being reported to authorities while going about their business. Just days ago a black Yale University student had police called on her after falling asleep in a common room, while two weeks before that, three Airbnb guests were apprehended by officers while checking out of their apartment.

Police in Oakland attended the barbecue and questioned the family for an hour – but took no further action.

Now, an all night party has been thrown at the location.

In video footage of the celebration also posted online, revellers can be seen doing the Electric Slide to the classic 'Before I let Go', by Frankie Beverly And Maze, and enjoying grilled meats.

It remains unclear if a charcoal grill was used during the party.

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