Boston’s iconic ‘Skinny House’ sells for $1.25 million

The bizarrely proportioned home is said to be the result of a feud between brothers

Helen Elfer
Friday 17 September 2021 21:57
Existing Home Sales Jump as Real Estate Market Opens Up

One of Boston’s quirkiest homes, known as the “Skinny House” has been sold for more than its asking price, at $1.25 million.

The historic four-storey house in Boston’s North End was built in 1862, and is said to be the narrowest house in the city.

Bizarrely proportioned, the building measures approximately 1,165 square feet but is only 10 feet wide at its maximum, narrowing to a little over 9 feet at the back of the house. At its narrowest point inside – 6.2 feet – the walls are close enough to allow most adults to touch opposite sides of the house at the same time.

According to local legend, two brothers inherited the land the house is built on. When one of them joined the Army, the other built a sprawling property that took up most of the land, leading to a feud between the two. So when the first brother returned from war, he built the Skinny House to block his brother’s view and sunlight.

For that reason, the building is also known as the Spite House, according to a plaque on the facade.

The iconic home was put on the market in August for $1.2 million, and sold for $1.25 million, according to real estate marketplace Zillow.

Estate agency CL Properties posted on their Facebook page: “Featured in some of the nation’s most prominent media platforms, 44 Hull Street received multiple offers and went under agreement for over list price in less than one week.”

The home has two bedrooms and one bathroom and includes a private deck with a view of Boston Harbor. There’s no front door, so residents have to walk down an alley to enter through a side door.

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