Brazilian woman saved by bulletproof bra

The underwire provided good life-support

Kiran Moodley
Saturday 07 February 2015 15:23 GMT

In a shoot-out scene similar to The Wire, it was the underwire of a woman's bra that saved her life from a stray bullet.

Shopkeeper Ivete Medeiros described her apparent "bulletproof bra" as "a deliverance from God" rather than a fortunate purchase from the High Street.

According to Globo television network, Medeiros heard a commotion outside a supermarket in Belem and went outside to investigate.

She was then hit by a bullet from a thief who was holding up a passer-by on the other side of the street. The bullet hit Medeiros just under her left breast, but miraculously, it lodged in the underwire of her lace bra.

She said she thought she hadn't been hit because there was no blood. Yet a few minutes later she felt stinging. CCTV footage shows Medeiros after the shooting holding her chest and looking evidently confused as people crowd around her to check that she is okay.

He husband told the television network that he thought Medeiros had died when she was hit. Medeiros simply said, "It was a deliverance from God."

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