LA news anchors feel earthquake during live broadcast

'Did you guys feel that?': Los Angeles news anchors experience earthquake during live broadcast

Largest reaches magnitude 4.0, USGS says

Joe Middleton
Monday 05 April 2021 16:40
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A team of Los Angeles news anchors felt the jolt of a nearby earthquake in the middle of a segment on the day's weather.

Anchors at CBS Los Angeles felt the tremors of an earthquake on Monday morning just as the station's meteorologist, Amber Lee, was giving a rundown of the day's weather.

"Felt a little bit of a jolt, did you guys feel that?" Ms Lee asked.

"Yeah, that was definitely an earthquake right there. Wow," news anchor DeMarco Morgan said.

Lesley Marin, another anchor, told viewers that "everything is good now, but if you felt that at home, that was definitely an earthquake."

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After the segment, Ms Lee retweeted a video of the anchors experiencing the earthquake along with the caption “yup, we felt it on air.”

A cluster of earthquakes rattled the South Bay area of Los Angeles on Monday morning, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

The largest of the cluster of tremors carried a 4.0-magnitude, occurred at a depth of 19.9km at about 4.15am local time.

It was reportedly felt by 3,500 residents in Lennox, Inglewood, but no significant damage was reported, according to the USGS.

On social media people one user said it was “scary” and “strongly felt” in Hollywood, while another person posted security camera footage appearing to show the tremors from the earthquake.

A smaller 3.3-magnitude earthquake also happened in the Lennox area, alongside a number of other smaller tremors in the region.

Seismologist Dr Lucy Jones tweeted: “The M4.0 that just happened was under Lennox, CA, near Inglewood.

“Very deep at 20 km, so everyone is at least 20 km away. Would have been felt by most people awake in LA. Movement was thrust, probably not on any mapped fault.”

There have been three earthquakes above magnitude 3.0 in the region in just 10 days.

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