Two men with chainsaws arrested after fight on Canadian beach

Men screaming, bleeding from heads while revving chainsaws

Graig Graziosi
Tuesday 11 August 2020 22:31
Woman arrested for beating disabled shopper who asked her to put on a mask in a crowded Staples store

Two men accused of wielding chainsaws and menacing a crowd in a wooded part of Toronto were arrested by Canadian authorities on Sunday.

In a video captured by a witness, David Sullivan, the men show up on the edge of a crowd of people and both have chainsaws.

One of the men yells “You’re f*****” and pulls the starter on his chainsaw.

According to authorities and the context within the video, the men had previously gotten into a fight with some of the people at the site.

They allegedly left the area and returned with the chainsaws. One of the men screamed at the gathered individuals, demanding to know “who hit me”.

Both men appear to be bleeding from their heads in the video.

Toronto police Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu told VICE News that police believed the men had previously been involved in a conflict at the site but then left and returned with their chainsaws.

“Then they left and returned with weapons,” she said. “Officers arrived on the scene and both men were arrested and charged accordingly.”

A second video depicts the men’s arrest.

The footage shows the men standing over their chainsaws while police officers scream at them to get their hands up. The duo drop to their knees and raise their hands before lying down and being handcuffed by officers.

An off-camera voice yells “you guys were told to leave multiple times, but all you wanted to do is fight, fight, fight, fight.”

The encounter occurred at a place called Cherry Beach.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said the beach has been the site of several non-social distanced dance parties and he believes it has become a sort of gathering point for anti-mask protesters in the city.

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