‘Purrfect season’: MLB cracks joke as cat steals show at Coors Field

Squirrels, raccoons, eagles, ducks, geese and pigeons have all been known to crash live games

Louise Hall
Saturday 03 April 2021 17:23
NFL game interrupted by black cat storming the pitch
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A furry fan made an unexpected visit to Coors Field amid the Rockies game against the Dodgers in Denver, Colorado, prompting a humorous response from Major League Baseball (MLB).

The stunned cat was seen streaming out onto the field from foul territory down the third-base line in the eighth during the game on Friday.

MLB joked on Twitter alongside footage of the feline that it was on pace for 81 cat appearances in the season.

“Us: Make it Major, Cats: Challenge accepted,” they said in another post.

“Now that’s what we’d call a PURRRfect season,” the Colorado Rockies chimed in.

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The cat can be seen pausing amid its run, taking a second to sit down and gauge its surroundings, before eventually being wrangled by stadium personnel.

Some users rooted for the feline in its shock solo appearance, while others worried for its safety, noting the cat appeared to be panting.

“I always feel bad for the animal in these situations. They’re clearly stressed out - and probably homeless,” one person said.

They added: “Would be great if, whenever this happens, someone could take the cat to the nearest no-kill shelter. It would make quite an adoption pitch.”

The Independent has contacted MLB for an update on what happened to the animal after it was removed from the stadium.

Following the interruption, the Dodgers went on to win their first game of the season at 11 to six over the Rockies as defending world series champs.

Besides cats, the league has seen squirrels, raccoons, eagles, ducks, geese, pigeons and other animals crash the party during an MLB game in the past, the organisation said in a release.

Fans returned in limited numbers amid the pandemic to stadiums across the country on 1 April for the opening day of the 2021 season.

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