Anti-vax leader urges people to drink their urine instead of get vaccine in latest wild conspiracy

The conspiracy theorist has been traveling the country threatening to arrest Democratic state governors

Graig Graziosi
Monday 10 January 2022 21:11 GMT
Anti-vaxxer tells followers to drink their own urine to protect them from Covid-19
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Some Anti-vaxxers will do anything to avoid taking the coronavirus vaccine, including, reportedly, drinking their own urine.

The Daily Beast reports that a prominent figure in the anti-Covid-19 community, Christopher Key – who calls himself the "Vaccine Police" – is now telling his followers to drink their own urine in order to cure themselves of Covid-19.

As the highly transmissible Omicron variant tears through the country, it has largely been the unvaccinated who have become serious ill and who are filling hospital beds and dying on ventilators. For the vaccinated, a bout with Omicron, while unpleasant, is often mild enough to be comparable to the flu or the common cold, which is itself a coronavirus.

Because anti-vaxxers refuse to take the coronavirus vaccine shots, they have turned to increasingly bizarre methods of treating the virus, generally with little success.

“The antidote that we have seen now, and we have tons and tons of research, is urine therapy. OK, and I know to a lot of you this sounds crazy, but guys, God’s given us everything we need," Mr Key said in a video posted on his Telegram account.

He made the video shortly after being released from jail for trespassing in a Whole Foods. Mr Key said he refused to wear a mask in the store and was asked to leave. When he refused, the store reported him for trespassing and he was arrested.

Mr Key has been traveling across the country with the stated goal of conducting citizen arrests on Democratic governors over their vaccine mandates. He presents doubters with "papers" outlining his belief that the coronavirus is a bio-weapon.

When asked how he had the authority to arrest governors, he claimed that the government is "we the people”.

He said he planned to arrest Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards on 7 February if the governor does not back off his vaccine mandates, particularly those aimed at children.

He told his supporters that urine therapy has "been around for centuries”, but noted that he understood if people think he is "cray cray”.

“Now drink urine!” he said. “This vaccine is the worst bioweapon I have ever seen. I drink my own urine!"

Mr Key called people who get the coronavirus vaccine "foolish," even though it is a safe and effective way to protect oneself from the worst coronavirus symptoms.

The "vaccine police" conspiracy theorist raised concerns when he shared a Telegram post showing off his sizable arsenal, which includes high capacity firearms as well as a flamethrower.

Prior to his road trip, trespassing conviction, and urine evangelism, he entered the national eye after threatening to "execute" pharmacists for administering the coronavirus vaccine.

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