Man high on cocaine crashes into police station at 100mph

Man high on cocaine crashes into police station at 100mph

Sam O Kerlin was critically injured but has since recovered, police say

Monday 19 November 2018 19:20

A man crashed into a police station at over 100mph while high on cocaine, police in Chicago said.

Sam O Kerlin was caught on CCTV as his 2015 Volkswagen GTI, careered of the road at high speed, tore through benches and collided into the side of the building in the Arlington Heights suburb.

Kerlin was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition but has since recovered. Cocaine was found in his system along with other prescription medication, investigators said.

A black box within the car registered a high speed of 104mph before the impact.

The building, which was in its final phases of construction, sustained significant damages though an engineering professional concluded the damage was non-structural, the city's police department said.

"None of the sources of evidence suggested the collision was a purposeful act and was, instead, clearly a result of the recklessness of the driver,” Arlington Heights police said in a statement

Mr Kerlin has been since been charged reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs and various traffic citations.

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