Republican compares coronavirus lockdown to Holocaust and calls governor ‘Little Hitler’

“We have real men in Idaho. We have some real men … we’ve got real men that know their rights”

Justin Vallejo
New York
Monday 20 April 2020 19:04 BST
Republican Heather Scott compares coronavirus lockdown to Holocaust and calls governor 'Little Hitler'.mp4

Idaho State Representative Heather Scott compared coronavirus lockdowns to Nazi Germany and the state governor to “Little Hitler” in interviews calling the pandemic response unconstitutional.

In a YouTube interview with Texas podcaster Jess Fields, Ms Scott said there is a problem when the government tells people their businesses are essential or non-essential.

“I mean that’s no different than the Nazi Germany, where you had government telling people, you are an essential worker or non-essential worker and the non-essential workers got put on a train,” she said.

Residents have been gathering at Idaho Statehouse to protest Governor Brad Little after he extended the lockdown measures to the end of April.

Ms Scott did not immediately respond when contacted by The Independent, but in a Facebook post to followers said that her “recent analogies are poignant and relative to our times”.

In the hour-long interview, Ms Scott said that if the governor continued the lockdowns, it would destroy Idaho’s economy.

“This is life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and, for me, to act as a dictator when, the perceived emergency is over, maybe you made a mistake maybe not, but um, you can’t take away people’s lives and property without compensation and that’s exactly what he would be doing,” she said.

“I mean, they are already calling him Little Hitler —​ governor Little Hitler. And so I think people will start educating others and people will be more and more vocal until they will say enough of this and put the pressure, hopefully political pressure, on him. That’s what I would hope for.”

Ms Scott said Idaho had real men, God-fearing men, who know their rights and that the state could reach a tipping point if the government began cracking down and enforcing stay-at-home orders.

“Trouble. I think you’re going to see trouble when it comes to that. I do not think Idahoans will stand for it,” Ms Scott said.

“It’s hard enough to watch our executive branch follow in the steps of the liberal governors of California and Oregon and Washington so if the executive branch goes that far I think you’re gonna see trouble in Idaho for sure.”

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