CDC reveals top Covid hotspots in the US as hospitalisations surge

Here is the list of the counties with the most recent highest rates of new Covid-19 hospital admissions per county

Amelia Neath
Monday 11 September 2023 22:23 BST
COVID: Should we fear a new winter wave of infections and hospitalisations?

Covid-19hospital admissions have started to rise again since July, with the most recent number standing at 17,418 across the US at the week beginning 26 August, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While the numbers are not as staggering as in the midst of the pandemic, there has been a steady increase. This is off the back of the US reaching its lowest number of Covid-19 hospitalisations since the start of the pandemic, with 6,315 patients in June this year.

Fifteen counties this week have been labelled as having a “high” level of admissions, whereas there were only seven two weeks ago, according to the CDC.

The CDC collects county hospital admission figures data per Health Service Area, which means some counties with the same HSA will appear to have the same rate. Smaller counties will also produce larger numbers than those with bigger populations.

The counties with the highest rates of Covid-19 hospital admissions (per 100,000) this week beginning 7 September are:

  1. Grant County, North Dakota, 351.8
  2. Dimmit County, Texas, 29.6
  3. Newton County, Mississippi, 22.9
  4. Neshoba County, Mississippi, 22.9
  5. Lauderdale County, Mississippi, 22.9
  6. Kemper County, Mississippi, 22.9
  7. Clarke County, Mississippi, 22.9
  8. Sumter County, Alabama, 22.9
  9. Choctaw, Alabama, 22.9
  10. Prairie County, Montana, 20.5
  11. Powder River County, Montana, 20.5
  12. Garfield County, Montana, 20.5
  13. Fallon County, Montana, 20.5
  14. Custer County, Montana, 20.5
  15. Carter County, Montana, 20.5
  16. Rawlins County, Kansas, 19.3
  17. Cheyenne County, Kansas, 19.3
  18. Lincoln County, Arkansas, 17.9
  19. Jefferson County, Arkansas, 17.9
  20. Drew County, Arkansas, 17.9

The highest numbers of new hospitalisations last week per individual person was at 740 in Los Angeles County, California, whereas 351 different counties reported zero hospitalisations.

The highest number of hospital admissions by state per 100,00 this week was still Florida (11.2) and Hawaii (9.46), which were also the highest on 29 August. Some states have risen by a point of two and others have fallen, such as Mississippi, which was at 6.5 two weeks ago and is now at 6.18.

Reported Covid-19 New Hospital Admissions Rate per 100,000 Population in the Past Week, by County

The number of hospital admissions reached an all-time high in the US (since the CDC started collecting data) in the week beginning 15 January 2021, with 150,647 patients being admitted.

COVID-19 New Hospital Admissions, by Week, in The United States, Reported to CDC

Dr Anthony Fauci, the previous Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden, told ABC that while he does not believe there will be another face mask mandate, he thinks that recommendations to put a mask on could return this winter in the US due to the increasing Covid-19 spikes.

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