Carjackers fail to steal Porsche because ‘they couldn’t drive stick shift’

The victim said the carjackers demanded his car keys and cell phone

Andrea Blanco
Wednesday 29 November 2023 22:20 GMT
Bethesda business owner followed from DC in attempted carjacking

Three suspected carjackers failed to steal a Porsche because they reportedly didn’t know how to drive its manual gears, according to Maryland police.

Restaurant owner Myo Maung was ambushed by the alleged car thieves while he was leaving his business in downtown Bethesda on Sunday night. Mr Maung told FOX5 that at least one of the assailants threatened him with a gun but the restauranteur managed to rush inside his business before reportedly hearing a gunshot.

Video of Mr Maung’s dashcam obtained by the network shows a red Nissan SUV parked right in front of Mr Maung’s Porsche.

According to authorities, the men trailed Mr Maung to Bethesda from DC, where the restaurant owner had been dropping supplies for another business he co-owns.

The suspects allegedly exited their vehicle and attempted to carry out the carjack after forcing Mr Maung to hand his keys.

However, they did not seem to know how to drive the car’s stick shift.

“Now, I’m okay,” Mr Maung told FOX5. “Guys stealing, the hijacking, it’s too much – we are not safe, I feel like. That’s why, people, I want to say ‘just, be careful.’”

No shell casings were recovered from the scene, police told FOX5.

At least one of the suspects, dressed in a grey hoodie and a mask, pulled a gun on Mr Maung.

The men demanded Mr Maung to hand his cell phone and give them his password, as well as his car keys.

One of the suspects remained in the red Nissan and appeared to point a gun at the Porsche while his co-conspirators attempted to drive the sports car, the Porsche’s dashcam footage shows.

The Montgomery County Police Department said that a red Nissan SUV was reported stolen earlier that day in DC, but it has not been officially confirmed that it was the one used in the botched Bethesda carjack.

“We are focusing very heavily on the locations that border the Washington DC and Prince George’s County line by placing additional resources with our uniform patrol and our plain clothes assets down in those areas to try and address the growing number of vehicles that we’ve seen either carjacked or that have been stolen,” Captain Sean Gagan told FOX5.

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