Los Angeles police officer arrested for allegedly filing a false police report

Discrepancies were found between written report and body-worn video footage

Helen Elfer
Wednesday 21 July 2021 17:16
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A Los Angeles Police Department officer has been arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report and perjury.

The LAPD Internal Affairs Division personnel began investigating Officer Alejandro Castillo after concerns were raised over discrepancies between a written report and body-worn videos. The officer was arrested on Tuesday.

The 13-year veteran officer of LAPD’s West Traffic Division made a DUI arrest in October 2019.

According to Los Angeles Daily News, unspecified concerns were identified by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office while reviewing the body-worn video footage of the arrest.

A statement released by the LAPD said: “Investigators working in partnership with the Justice System Integrity Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office established probable cause to believe that the officer’s BWV footage was inconsistent with the written report.”

A felony warrant was issued for Mr Castillo’s arrest, and as a result of the investigation, DUI charges were not filed against the driver.

Mr Castillo was relieved of his police powers and taken into the Metropolitan Detention Center. He was later released on bond.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said: “The allegations of an officer falsifying a police report are extremely troubling and there must be accountability.”

He continued: “This department is fully cooperating with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in this matter.”

No further details about the case have been released at this time.