Texas man boasted online about food and family as children starved alongside skeletal remains of beaten brother

Brian Coulter accused of punching and kicking his girlfriend’s eight-year-old son to death and leaving body to rot for 11 months

Rachel Sharp
Saturday 30 October 2021 01:00 BST
Three abandoned kids and a skeleton found in Texas home
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The man accused of beating his girlfriend’s eight-year-old son to death before the couple left his rotting corpse in a house of horrors with her three other starving children repeatedly boasted about food and family on social media.

Brian Coulter was arrested and charged with the murder of Kendrick Lee on Tuesday, two days after authorities found the child’s skeletal remains inside a unit at CityParc II at West Oaks Apartments in Harris County, Texas.

The 31-year-old boyfriend of Gloria Williams allegedly murdered Kendrick on 20 November 2020 by punching and kicking him to death, according to the criminal complaint.

For the next 11 months, the boy’s body was shoved in a closet to decompose while his three brothers – aged 15, 10 and seven – were abandoned in the home, malnourished and left to fend for themselves, the documents state.

Mr Coulter’s bond was set at $1 million Wednesday morning and he is currently being held at a mental health facility, according to KHOU.

If released on bond, he is ordered to have no contact with any children or with Ms Williams. He must also agree to GPS monitoring, a 24-hour curfew and to not leave the county.

Gloria Williams is pictured in her mugshot following her arrest on Tuesday (Harris County Sheriff’s Office )

Ms Williams was also arrested on Tuesday and charged with the felony charges of injury to a child by omission and tampering with a human corpse.

The 35-year-old mother of the four children is accused of concealing her son’s death, starving one of her other surviving sons and failing to protect another from injury.

The horrific circumstances came to light on Sunday when the 15-year-old boy called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to report that his younger brother had been dead for a year and his remains were lying in the room next to his.

The teen told authorities his parents had not been living with him and his two surviving siblings at the apartment for several months.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found the skeletal remains of the young boy along with his three malnourished and injured brothers. The youngest child had injuries to his face.

On Mr Coulter’s Instagram account, he repeatedly showed off plates of food over the last year – all the while he was allegedly starving his girlfriend’s children.

In other posts, he is seen showing off diamante chains and jewellery, repeatedly using the n-word and repeatedly posting with the acronym “FOE” - “Family Over Everything.”

He also posted several bizarre videos of him rambling to the camera, often either inside a home or a car.

‘The best steak I’ve ever had’

In one photo, posted in September 2020 two months before Kendrick’s alleged murder, Mr Coulter shared a photo of plate piled high with food.

“My wife made me a 4 course meal not a 3 course meal but. 4 course meal and she cooks her a** off that s**t was sooooooo f**in delicious i cant stop eating it lol F.O.E FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!” he captioned the photo.

Six days later, he posted another photo of a huge pan full of spaghetti and mincemeat in sauce.

Brian Coulter shows off a huge pan full of food on his Instagram in September 2020 (Instagram)

He captioned the image: “F.O.E. FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING, we eat good if u apart of that fam ( the brand/movement) we finna enjoy this whole pot made with love F.O.E. FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!”

He shared two more posts that day of the same meal served on a plate - one with grated cheese on top.

“My wife cooked this spaghetti and it is the best spaghetti I have ever had in my life, I couldn’t stop eating it, there nothing like a good home cooked meal with alot of love in it, thank u lord its a blessing F.O.E. FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING, its the movement and the brand, thank u wife i love you,” he wrote on one of the posts.

Another post, dated 10 February this year, shows a plate of tacos with the caption “foe we eating good”.

Four days later, Mr Coulter posted a video on Instagram on 14 February where he boasted about eating “the best steak I ever had” and tells the camera that people eat some of the best steak in prison.

The video begins with Mr Coulter showing off a plate filled with a steak, mash and greens next to a glass of pink wine.

Brian Coulter boasts about the “best steak I ever had” in an Instagram post on 14 February (Instagram )

He starts eating in front of the camera while Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” plays in the background.

“This is the best steak I ever had,” he says.

Ms Williams is seen in the background in the video at one point and they are both heard shouting at another person off-camera.

“Don’t sneak up like that. You know I’ll see that n*****,” Mr Coulter says to the person.

“You know I will. I see everything.”

A teenage boy briefly enters the shot before Mr Coulter returns to eating his food.

Gloria Williams and Brian Coulter in a photo on her Facebook. Officials said they had been in a relationship for years (Facebook)

‘Family Over Everything’

In several of Mr Coulter’s Instagram posts, he refers to “FOE” or “Family Over Everything” in the captions and the 31-year-old has the phrase tattooed on his arm.

Mr Coulter is seen showing off the tattoo which reads: “F.O.E. Family Over Everything” in one post on 12 September 2020 – 10 weeks before he allegedly beat his girlfriend’s son to death.

“F.O.E. FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING ALL DAY EVERY DAY,” he captioned the image.

A search of records by The Independent also uncovered that Mr Coulter registered eight fictitious businesses in 2017, all named variations of “FOE” or “FOE Productions”.

Brian Coulter shows off a tattoo reading “FOE Family Over Everything” on his Instagram (Instagram)

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