Plastic surgeon released marketing videos of her dancing and joking midway through operations

Dancing doctor who made rap videos during surgery faces nearly 100 complaints from women

Former patients say they have experienced post-surgery complications at the hands of doctor who filmed herself dancing and rapping while performing surgery

Oliver Wheaton
Monday 04 June 2018 06:58

Nearly 100 women say they have suffered complications after a US dermatologist arranged to have herself filmed singing and dancing during their surgery, according to an attorney.

Dr Windell Boutte posted videos to YouTube of herself dancing and singing along to music mid-operation, occasionally with assistants joining in with the dancing. The videos sometimes showed the bare skin of unconscious patients lying on the operating table while Dr Boutte danced around them.

Now attorney Susan Witt is representing three women who are bringing lawsuits against Dr Boutte, claiming they suffered due to her unprofessional conduct after undergoing procedures in her Atlanta clinic.

However, since the videos were picked up by news sites, Ms Witt says she has been contacted by many more women, nearly 100 in total, who claim to have suffered post-surgery complications after being operated on by the dermatologist.

Ms Witt said: “I think in this day and age, patients do have to be their own advocate. This has been a cautionary tale which I believe patients can learn from.”

At least one former patient has asserted that they can recognise themselves in a Dr Boutte video, which have since been removed from YouTube.

In all, Dr Boutte uploaded more than 20 videos to the site. In one, she is dancing as she makes an incision on a patient; in another she leans close to an unconscious patient’s partially exposed buttocks and sings that she is “building up fat in the booty”.

Some of the songs Dr Boutte has been filmed dancing and singing along to – often with her own made up lyrics – include “Bad and Boujee” by Migos and “Booty” by Jennifer Lopez.

At least five malpractice lawsuits are currently pending against Dr Boutte, according to CNN. She has reached four settlements.

In the lawsuits, former patients have claimed they suffered disfigurement, infections and even brain damage following procedures carried out by Dr Boutte in her office.

According to Dr Boutte’s attorneys she is refusing interviews.

The dermatologist continues to practise medicine.

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