Dog sitter caught naked in customer's home

'It got hot. I don't like wearing clothes,' says Rosie Brown

Samuel Osborne
Tuesday 21 May 2019 16:17
Dog walker caught naked in customer's home

A dog sitter has been caught on camera walking around her client’s house naked.

Rosie Brown hired Casey Brengle to look after her two dogs, Penny and Daisy, while she went to a wedding for four days.

Although Ms Brengle, 26, had over 200 five-star reviews on the Wag! app, her behaviour was caught on a “doggie cam” in the kitchen in the home in California.

Ms Brown was at the wedding when she received an alert from the camera, which showed a man she did not recognise in her house.

When she checked the footage, she saw Ms Brengle walking around naked and leading the man into the master bedroom.

The couple could also be seen going from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom.

Ms Brengle has denied she had sex with her boyfriend in Ms Brown’s home.

“That’s not what was going on,” she told ABC7 when questioned about the footage.

Mr Brengle’s mother and father also visited the home while Ms Brown was away.

She was also captured on camera sitting naked on the sofa. Her boyfriend also appeared to be sitting naked on the sofa at a separate time.

“It got hot,” she told the broadcaster. “As I’ve said, I don’t like wearing clothes.”

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The footage also showed how Ms Brengle only took the dogs out for short walks rather than the long walks she had been hired to take them on.

It also showed her shouting at one of the dogs, calling it a “b**ch”.

Asked by ABC7 if her behaviour was appropriate, she said: “No, it’s not, but she had been acting like a jerk and I agree, that’s not appropriate, I was frustrated, not at her, at myself, at other things. I had gotten in a fight with my mom and I agree, it was not appropriate.”

Wag! told the broadcaster it had suspended Ms Brengle.

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