Small terriers chase giant bear out of family home

‘Squirt and Mei Mei said, HELL NO, get out of our house!,’ says DeeDee Mueller

James Crump@thejamescrump
Monday 12 April 2021 20:20
<p>The bear inside Deedee Mueller’s home on Saturday 10 April 2021</p>

The bear inside Deedee Mueller’s home on Saturday 10 April 2021

Two small terriers chased a giant bear out of a family home in California, in an incident that was caught on the residence’s security cameras.

On Saturday, DeeDee Mueller’s Pasadena house was visited by a bear, which after sniffing around in her garden, ventured inside the home through an open back door.

In a comment on a Facebook post accompanying video of the incident, Ms Mueller revealed that she was asleep when the bear entered her home, saying that the door was left “open for fresh air” and to make it “easy for the doggies to go in and out.”

Security footage uploaded to social media by Ms Mueller showed the bear slowly walking around the kitchen, sniffing the fridge and the floor, before then looking into the living room where Ms Mueller was sleeping.

After walking out of the camera’s range briefly, Ms Mueller’s two terriers, Squirt and Mei Mei, ran out of the living room and towards the bear while barking loudly.

The bear was then filmed running out of the house and back into the garden, before climbing away from Ms Mueller’s property as the two dogs continued chasing it.

Writing on Facebook, Ms Mueller wrote: “Bear season officially started in our neighbourhood,” adding: “A young bear wandered into the house but Squirt and Mei Mei said, ‘HELL NO, get out of our house!’”

Ms Mueller told ABC 7 that she thinks the bear was nervous to be in the residence, revealing that it left “a trail of urine” as it escaped from the terriers.

Speaking to The Sacramento Bee, Ms Mueller estimated that the bear was “very young”, suggesting it could be around 2 to 3 years old.

Saturday’s video is not the only bear encounter at the residence that Ms Mueller has posted on YouTube, but it is the first video that captures one of the wild animal’s inside her house.

Other videos on her YouTube page show bears walking around her garden and playing in her water fountain, with one clip capturing the dogs barking at them from inside the residence.

Although Saturday’s incident was not her first encounter with a bear at her home, Ms Mueller wrote on Facebook that she hopes it “doesn’t set the tone for this bear season.”

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