Domino's staff save life of regular customer after they stop receiving pizza orders from him

Staff said Kirk Alexander 'was like part of the family'

Will Worley
Thursday 15 September 2016 09:22 BST
Following an investigation, Domino's Pizza dismissed the driver 'with immediate effect'
Following an investigation, Domino's Pizza dismissed the driver 'with immediate effect'

A man’s life was saved by the staff at his local Domino's when they noticed he hadn’t ordered any food from them in more than a week.

Staff at Domino’s in Salem, Oregon, were worried when they realised they had not made any deliveries to regular customer, Kirk Alexander, in 11 days.

“He orders every day, every other day,” store manager Sarah Fuller, told local broadcaster KOIN. “His order pops up on the screen because he orders online. So we see it come across the screen and we’re like, ‘Oh, Kirk’s order.'”

Several delivery drivers had commented that they hadn't seen an order come through for Mr Alexander recently. "When we looked it up, we knew instantly it wasn't normal," Ms Fuller told the Statesman Journal.

The staff’s calls to Mr Alexander – who they knew suffered from health problems – were left unanswered.

"It was about 1am Sunday morning, and we weren't terribly busy," Ms Fuller said. "So I asked one of our regular drivers who knew Kirk to stop by the customer's home and check it out. We all know Kirk and he only lives about 6 minutes from our store, so the whole team was concerned."

Delivery driver Tracey Hamblen was sent to Mr Alexander’s house and on arrival, he saw lights and the TV on, but there was no response at the door. Mr Hamblen then contacted the emergency services, who found Mr Alexander on the floor of his house calling for help, having apparently suffered a stroke.

The authorities said he was in “immediate need of medical attention” and the actions of the pizza store staff had made all the difference.

“It’s crazy. It wasn’t what I was really expecting would happen at all,” Ms Fuller said. “He was just an important customer that’s part of our family here at Domino’s. He orders all the time, so we know him. I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot. We felt like we needed to do something.”

Mr Alexander is reported to be in a stable condition in hospital.

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