Donald Trump’s team denies asking anti-vaxxer activist to chair vaccine safety committee

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. meets with the President-elect's transition team and tells reporters he has been asked to head up the panel

Wednesday 11 January 2017 13:10
Robert Kennedy Jr. speaks with members of the press at Trump Tower
Robert Kennedy Jr. speaks with members of the press at Trump Tower

Donald Trump’s team has denied asking an anti-vaccine activist to lead a panel on vaccine safety.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. met with Mr Trump's transition team and a few hours after the meeting told reporters he had been asked to chair the committee.

In the past Mr Kennedy, the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, accused the Centre for Disease Control of covering up “the vaccine-autism connection”.

Mr Trump’s team were however adamant that no decision had been taken and there would be discussions with many other groups and individuals regarding the committee.

"The President-elect enjoyed his discussion with Robert Kennedy Jr. on a range of issues and appreciates his thoughts and ideas.” Mr Trump’s spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in statement, CNN reported.

“The President-elect is exploring the possibility of forming a commission on Autism, which affects so many families; however no decisions have been made at this time.

“The President-elect looks forward to continuing the discussion about all aspects of Autism with many groups and individuals," she added.

During the presidential election campaign, Mr Trump said he was in favour of "smaller doses over a longer period of time" because of autism as a possible side effect.

Medical experts have rejected claims there are links between childhood vaccines and autism.

They have warned Mr Trump’s actions could endanger confuse parents about the need to get vaccinations for their children.

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