Trump Jr mocks calls for police reform after Chauvin verdict with Die Hard meme and videos

‘Watch out for protests at Nakatomi Plaza,’ meme says

Maroosha Muzaffar
Thursday 22 April 2021 11:27
<p>Donald Trump Jr posted a video which says: ‘When Democrats are in charge, no one is safe’</p>

Donald Trump Jr posted a video which says: ‘When Democrats are in charge, no one is safe’

Donald Trump Jr mocked calls for police reform after the jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd.

Mr Trump shared memes and videos of Die Hard — that he has earlier said is his favourite Christmas movie — alluding to the calls for police reform in the wake of the jury verdict.

On Tuesday, in a historic judgment, the jury found Chauvin guilty of murdering Floyd during his arrest. The video that captured the arrest and murder of Floyd captured worldwide attention and the verdict has been called a watershed moment.

On his Instagram, Mr Trump posted a screenshot of a tweet by a satire website Babylon Bee titled, “Large Turnout At Memorial For Hans Gruber Who Was Thrown From A Building By A Police Officer” and in the caption he wrote, “Not gonna lie this is sort of amazing,” followed by three laughing emojis and added, “Watch out for protests at Nakatomi Plaza!!!”

Gruber is a fictional character from the Die Hard film, played by the late actor Alan Rickman, who is thrown from the Nakatomi Plaza by police officer John McClane. Babylon Bee is known as the conservative version of another satirical website, The Onion.

He also posted a video mocking Democrats which starts with “Are you sick and tired of your calm, peaceful life?” and goes on to say, “No, not anymore. Introducing Democrats.” The video shows the US president, Joe Biden, and the animated voiceover saying: “Politicians so incompetent, they’ll fill your cities with riots, looting and rampant homelessness.”

The video shows visuals of a protestor holding a placard saying “Defund the Police” and the voice saying “When Democrats are in charge, no one is safe.”

Meanwhile, the US president, Joe Biden, came out in support of the verdict and said: “‘I can’t breathe.’ Those were George Floyd’s last words. We cannot let them die with him. We have to keep hearing them. We must not turn away. We cannot turn away. This can be a moment of significant change.”

His vice president, Kamala Harris, also supported the jury’s verdict. She said: “Racial injustice is not just a black America problem or a people of colour problem, it’s a problem for every American. It is keeping us from fulfilling the promise of liberty and justice for all.”

Meanwhile, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) had called for reform in policing.

They said: “Justice has prevailed in the case against George Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin, but the work is not done! We must keep fighting to end qualified immunity, and we must get police reform NOW.”

Earlier this month, Mr Trump had also mocked Hunter Biden and his memoir, Beautiful Things, in which he confesses to smoking Parmesan cheese because it resembled crack. On his Instagram stories, Don Jr posted a picture of a crack pipe, parmesan cheese and a lighter to troll Mr Biden.

Don Jr posted: “Parents don’t let your kids do... Um... Parmesan.” Making fun of Mr Biden’s addiction problem, in another Instagram story using the same photo, he said, “Watch out for Big Parma.” This was accompanied by three laughing emojis.

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