Donald Trump posts image of Nazi troops in front of White House (and still continues to lead the field of Republican candidates)

Businessman's campaign has been dogged by embarrassing gaffes

Rose Troup Buchanan
Wednesday 15 July 2015 16:27
Donald Trump during a recent campaign speech
Donald Trump during a recent campaign speech

Donald Trump has continued to top the Republican pool of presidential candidates for the second week – despite tweeting a photograph of Nazi Waffen-SS soldiers in front of the White House.

The Republican presidential hopeful blamed an “intern” after his official account tweeted a picture of Mr Trump superimposed on the US flag with the White House and World War Two soldiers in the foreground.

Just one problem: the soldiers pictured were Nazi Germany’s Waffen-SS infantry.

The image was hastily taken down. A campaign spokesperson explained an intern “did not see the very faded figures within the flag of the stock photo”.

John Schindler, a former national security affairs professor at the US Naval War College, spotted the mistake and immediately posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a Suffolk University/USA Today poll found that Mr Trump led the very crowded field of Republican candidates with 17 per cent of Republicans and independent’s supporting his candidacy – above that of Jeb Bush, the brother and son of former presidents.

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