Dozens of drivers get stuck in mud after Google reroutes them down dirt road

They thought they were going to save time, but ended up being stuck behind dozens of cars

Stephanie Fillion
New York
Thursday 27 June 2019 15:28 BST

Dozens of cars got stuck in mud after being rerouted by Google Maps to an obscure road near Denver International Airport.

After a car crash caused long traffic wait, Google's GPS app rerouted some drivers to East 64th Avenue in Aurora. This new route was supposed to take half the time.

The first few minutes on the road were fine, but then, 64th Avenue turned into a dirt road. After a few days of rain, the road had become mud.

When Connie Monsees, who was going to pick up her husband at the airport, saw dozens of cars stuck one after the other, not able to move, it was already too late. the road is narrow, so there was no turning back.

"That's when I thought, this was a bad idea," Monsees told ABC7NY. She has all-wheel drive, so she was one of the lucky ones able to make it out the mud. She took with her two people who asked for a ride.

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“I tore up the inside passenger wheel well for my tire, but it’s not that big of a deal compared to some other people who really tore their cars up and got themselves stuck out there,” she said.

According to ABC7NY, the road is privately-owned and maintained. Following the incident, the road was closed to the public.

It's unclear why the GPS redirected the cars on that road.

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