Far right protesters left stranded in Philadelphia after taxi drivers refuse to pick them up

Only two dozen marchers turn up to right wing rally

Zamira Rahim
Sunday 18 November 2018 12:39 GMT
Proud boys: Police arrest first individual affiliated with far-right group after violent New York event

Far-right marchers, including members of the fascist group The Proud Boys, were left stranded after cab drivers refused their custom following a sparsely attended rally in Philadelphia.

Tess Owen, a reporter for Vice News, posted multiple videos from the march on Twitter, showing various drivers leaving the rally at the urging of left wing counter-protesters.

"This is completely surreal," she wrote.

"Fascists are trying to take taxis, but the drivers keep leaving whenever they realize what’s happening."

The Facebook event for the 'We the People' march declared that it was "for all Patriots, Militia, 3%, constitution loving Americans" and for those who were "pro good cop, pro ICE, pro law and order, pro life, pro American value, pro gun and anti illegal immigration".

But despite the organisers encouraging attendees to be louder and stronger than "voices on the left", the march was thinly attended.

Only two dozen people showed up for the 'We the People' event and they were hugely outnumbered by left wing counter-protesters, according to The Daily Beast.

The counter-protesters can be heard clapping and cheering in Ms Owens' videos as taxi drivers leave the rally.

Gwen Snyder, an activist based in Philadelphia, also took to Twitter to post photos from the protest.

She claimed that counter-protesters were informing Uber and taxi drivers about the political views of the marchers, which led to them driving away.

The Proud Boys most recently made headlines when a violent street fight broke out in Manhattan, allegedly involving some members of the fascist group.

Police later announced that nine people associated with the group were wanted on riot and attempted assault charges related to the fight.

The organisation is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre and members are self-proclaimed “western chauvinists”.

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