Father uses helicopter to remove his son's loose tooth

Father of four who works as a pilot went to extreme measures to remove the loose milk tooth

Elsa Vulliamy
Monday 20 June 2016 01:03 BST
'Do fun, creative stuff with your kids'
'Do fun, creative stuff with your kids' (Facebook)

A pilot from Virginia has posted footage of himself removing his son’s loose tooth using a helicopter.

Rick Rahim, from Virginia, flies helicopters for a living, and when his 7-year-old son Carson’s tooth became loose he did not waste time by tying it to a door handle.

Instead, Mr Rahim tied one end of a string around his son’s tooth, and the other end to his fully sized commercial helicopter.

The father of four posted a video of his antics on Facebook, advising parents to “do fun, creative stuff with your kids.”

The video shows him launching the helicopter into the air and flying just far enough to successfully remove the loose tooth.

At the end of the video, Mr Rahim ensures watchers that the circumstances were safe, and that he has 13 years of helicopter flying experience behind him.

"You've got to do everything safe in life, and that's what I did today," he said. "What we did today was perfectly fun and perfectly safe."

Mr Rahim later said that although some parents have used drones and remote control helicopters to pull teeth before, he might be the first to use a full-size aircraft, as he can’t find evidence that it has been done before.

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