Florida teacher who hosted white nationalist podcast she called 'satire' resigns from school

Teacher could be heard agreeing with theory that different races have different IQs

Jeremy B. White
San Francisco
Tuesday 03 April 2018 18:17 BST
Dayanna Volitich said through an attorney that her comments were an 'exaggeration'
Dayanna Volitich said through an attorney that her comments were an 'exaggeration' (Crystal River Middle School)

A Florida teacher accused of espousing white nationalist beliefs has submitted her resignation.

After the Huffington Post revealed last month that middle school teacher Dayanna Volitich was hosting the podcast Unapologetic and tweeting under pseudonyms, the Citrus County School District removed her from the classroom.

A Citrus County School District spokeswoman confirmed that Ms Volitich has now tendered her resignation but could not offer additional details because the district is still investigating her conduct. The district said last month it had opened a probe into the teacher’s “concerning” podcast.

In a statement released through her attorney, Ms Volitich said her comments were intended as “political satire”.

“None of the statements released about my being a white nationalist or white supremacist have any truth to them, nor are my political beliefs injected into my teaching of social studies curriculum,” she said.

On the podcast, Ms Volitich agreed with a guest who suggested Nigerian and Swedish students have different intellectual capacities – laughing and groaning as the guest mocked the idea that “there’s no differences at all between the ethnicities or the races” - and warned about the threat posed by “leftist” ideology.

“There are races that have higher IQs than others”, she said.

She also invoked alt-right terminology in citing the need to “red pill as many people as possible” and talked about concealing her beliefs from the school district.

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“I did what I was supposed to do. I danced like a little puppet” when administrators were present, she said.

Among the tweets uncovered before Ms Volitich set her Twitter account to private were phrases like “systemic racism and white privilege aren’t real” and “it isn’t supremacist or hateful to prefer your own people over others”.

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