Shocking footage shows huge vehicle pileup in Texas

Fort Worth pile up: Driver gasps in shock while filming video capturing deadly accident

The pile up left six people dead and more than 30 injured

Graig Graziosi
Friday 12 February 2021 20:11

A driver who was near the Fort Worth pile up that involved more than 100 vehicles caught the massive crash on video, gasping as the shocking scene unfolded.

The massive crash left six people dead.

The driver sat in his car stunned as he watched the vehicles sliding on the icy road into each other in the early hours of Thursday morning.

"Oh s***" he said as a truck plowed into the mass of crashed vehicles.

Vehicle after vehicle slid helplessly into the pile up on the other side of the Interstate 35 highway outside Fort Worth, Texas.

"Oh, he's going to crash into them, holy s***" he said as a tractor-trailer skidded into the mass of vehicles.

The accidents occurred after a night of sleet and freezing rain made roadways across Texas extremely dangerous.

At least 36 people were injured in the accident, and several were transported from the scene with severe injuries requiring treatment in trauma units.

Emergency crews worked through the morning to try to rescue motorists trapped in the pile up.

First responders on the site said even walking on the freeway was treacherous.

Police asked motorists who only suffered minor collisions to exchange information and leave the scene without calling law enforcement because officers were overwhelmed by the size of the wreck.

By Friday, five of the six individuals who were killed had been identified. The motorists killed ranged in age from 34 to 54.

"The scene we saw today is really, probably, unlike anything any of us have seen, and we pray to God we never see it again. Our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers go out to everyone negatively affected by this tragic incident," Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes said the day of the accident.

The weather caused accidents across north and central Texas.

In Dallas, at least one other motorist was killed. In Austin, 25 cars were involved in another pile up.

In Arlington, police said they responded to more than 30 crashes by 10am.

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