Fox News anchor says Karl Marx wrote Mein Kampf before admitting he ‘misspoke’

Bill Hemmer got mixed up while trying to make a reference to The Communist Manifesto

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Wednesday 11 August 2021 00:10 BST

Fox anchor says Karl Marx wrote Mein Kampf

A Fox News anchor was mocked for claiming on the conservative channel that Karl Marx wrote Mein Kampf.

Anchor Bill Hemmer got his historical figures mixed up as he forgot that Adolf Hitler wrote the book, rather than the socialist philosopher.

“I remember 20 years old going to Trier, Germany, and trying to find the home of Karl Marx, cause, you know, 1848 –  he wrote Mein Kampf,” Hemmer said on America’s Newsroom.

“I want to know what it was all about.”

Later in the show Hemmer admitted his mistake, saying: “I misspoke. 1848. Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto.”

Hitler wrote his autobiographical and anti-Semitic manifesto in 1925, while Marx wrote the Manifesto with Friedrich Engels.

Mr Hemmer’s comments came during a discussion about whether critical race theory should be taught in elementary schools.

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen had said that college students should be the ones studying difficult ideologies, not youngsters in grade schools.

That is when Mr Hemmer said that he believed teaching CRT at university was “fair game” and mistakenly explained his own previous interest in Karl Marx.

Social media users were quick to make fun of the anchor.

“Hitler wrote The Diary of Anne Frank and Anne Frank wrote Capital so it works out in the end,” tweeted @itsJeffTiedrich.

And @Fraude_101 dded: “I was so passionate about studying Charles Darwin at college I flew to England to try and find his house, because you know, he wrote The Satanic Verses, and that was like incredible.”

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