Late-night shows eviscerate George Santos after damning ethics revelations

Serial liar was hit hard by several comedians as he heads toward a motion to expel him from the House

Amelia Neath
Saturday 18 November 2023 13:24 GMT
Daily Show's Leslie Jones roasts George Santos after damning ethics report

Late-night show hosts seized the moment to give George Santos a huge roasting after a damming ethics report that revealed he spent campaign money on Botox and OnlyFans.

Mr Santos, who believes the report was a “dirty biased act and one that tramples all over my rights,” now faces a fresh motion to expel him from the House after his indictment of 23 federal charges in October as well as the new report.

Following the release of the document, the GOP New York representative announced in a series of tirades on X that he would not run for re-election in 2024. In the report, the House Ethics Committee accused the politician of lying about loaning personal money to his 2022 congressional campaign, then “paying himself back” for those fake loans with actual money.

He is also alleged to have spent donor money on personal indulgences such as Botox, Hermes merchandise, trips and an OnlyFans subscription.

Something that caught guest The Daily Show host Leslie Jones’ eye was the report noting Mr Santos’ “lavish” trips to Atlantic City. “Have you been to Atlantic City?” she inquired. “A ‘lavish’ trip there just means you don’t go home with bed bugs.”

However, it was the Botox that bewildered Ms Jones’ co-host, Jordan Klepper, who pointed out Mr Santos’ relatively young age, 35.

“He’s the youngest member of Congress by 1,000 years,” according to Mr Klepper. “You don’t get Botox — just stand next to Mitch McConnell.”

“Exactly,” Ms Jones agreed. “He doesn’t need Botox. But the rest of them old-a** congressmen do.”

Santos, or rather comedian Nelson Franklin impersonating him, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in a bizarre skit pretending the politician was getting Botox before performing wild antics like stealing a cash register, hiring a hit man to break Mr Kimmel’s legs and flying a DeLorean to break himself out of prison in the year 2045.

US Representative George Santos faces a new motion to expel him from the House

Stephen Colbert also chimed in on the recent report, called the politician a “slug under a rock you just turned over” and announced that “if there are any fans of stupidity and corruption out there, you have joined us on the right night.”

Mr Colbert then cut to a clip of an interviewee asking Mr Santos what he felt about the House Ethics report that was to be revealed, to which he said he had no “premeditated feelings” about it.

“No premeditated feelings, exactly what a sociopath wouldn’t say,” Mr Colbert chuckled.

“‘Today we bid farewell to grandma,” the late-night show said, impersonating Mr Santos.

“Let me just say to all of you I have not had a chance to Google the correct emotional reaction, but rest assured, like all of you, I am … angry? It’s hard to tell because of all the Botox.”

Comedian Nelson Franklin mocks George Santos in an impersonation of him stealing a cash register

Seth Myers also got in on the roasting action, saying that Mr Colbert’s list of possible purchases was that of a “lesser Kardashian.”

“He’s got the shopping list of a 98-year-old oil tycoon’s 20-year-old wife,” Mr Myers quipped.

Despite the report’s release on Thursday and Mr Santos’ announcement that he will not seek reelection, he has so far refused to stand down from Congress.

The expulsion motion can be taken up by the Chamber on 28 November, when lawmakers will return from Thanksgiving recess.

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