Herd of goats runs through town after escaping from enclosure

Video shows goats running along street in Washington state, accompanied by dog

Lisa Collins
Saturday 03 August 2019 18:56
Hundreds of goats escape, tear through Issaquah, Washington

Hundreds of goats ran rampant through the Issaquah Highlands, in Washington state, earlier this week.

The neighbourhood homeowner’s association uses the goats as an eco-friendly way to control weeds and help clear vegetation between houses.

According to Mark Svendsen, whose wife Helen Au-Svendsen captured the moment from their car, the goats ‘broke through their fencing’ before storming the residential area.

Nearly 250 of the animals were clearing vegetation in a nearby forest when they escaped, reported KING 5 news.

The goats eventually stopped by a strip of vegetation about a quarter of a mile from where they were working, said Craig Madsen, owner of Healing Hooves Natural Vegetation Management.

It took more than an hour for the town to round up all the goats into a nearby dog park: “Goats are goats,” Madsen told The Seattle Times.

“They’re not like a machine you can turn on and off. They have a mind of their own.”

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