Indian company sends Donald Trump 6,000 green tea bags to 'cleanse' him

'It is never too late to cleanse yourself,' Mr Trump is told

May Bulman@maybulman
Friday 15 July 2016 17:00
Indian company sends Donald Trump green tea to cleanse him

An Indian tea company has delivered 6,000 tea bags to Donald Trump in an attempt to “purify” the Republican presidential nominee.

Tea-a-Me, an Indian company that sells flavoured teas internationally, has released a video in which a large box of Assam green tea is delivered to the Trump Tower, accompanied by the message: "It is never too late to cleanse yourself."

The video suggests green tea - a drink the company says "fights against harmful free radicals" - can help "change" Mr Trump.

Set in New York, the video begins by saying: “Donald Trump has got the whole world worried” and reeling off a list of groups he has offended including “Mexicans, Muslims, Jews […] democrats and even Republicans”.

The voiceover proceeds to explain that while the tea company “can’t stop him”, maybe they can “change him”.

A delivery van then appears and a voice delivers a message for the presidential candidate.

“Dear Mr Trump. Namaste from India, we are sending you lots and lots of natural green tea,” the voice says.

“It fights against harmful free radicals. It helps purify mind and body and regain a healthy balance. It has also proven to make people smarter.

“Please Mr Trump drink the tea. For your sake, for America’s sake, for the world’s sake.”

The footage then shows the box being carted to the door of the Trump Tower, followed by applause from people in the street.

The Indian tea company’s “epic mission” recieved 1.3 million views in less than 24 hours, with people using the hashtag #TeaForTrump to share the message on social media.

Sumit Shah, the company's managing dirrector, said: “We believe that green tea with all its goodness can help Mr Trump and in turn benefit his country and the world at large.

"We therefore prescribe at least three cups a day for Mr Trump. If he needs more, we’ll be happy to provide.”

More than four-fifths of American voters say that the prospect of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becoming US president makes them afraid.

The US presidential election will take place in November 2016.

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