Ivanka Trump branded a ‘hypocrite’ after she hails US workers as the ‘best’ while using China's

Critics pointed to range of footwear bearing 'Made in China' label

Jeff Farrell
Tuesday 24 October 2017 09:39 BST
Ms Trump was hit by an avalanche of criticism
Ms Trump was hit by an avalanche of criticism

Ivanka Trump has come under fire for saying she her US president father Donald believe American workers are the “best” in the world — despite the fact they both have goods for their businesses manufactured overseas.

In an impassioned speech, Ms Trump hailed American employees as “more innovative, more motivated, more capable” than any other “group of people”.

She also called for tax reform in the US, saying that the “cumbersome” system needed a shake-up to bring about a “level playing field” for both individuals and corporations.

The special adviser to her father Donald told Fox News: “I believe with my heart and soul, and my father does, and this administration does, that no one can best the American worker.

“There is no group of people more innovative, more motivated, more capable."

But she said the tax system needed reform to be clearer to individuals, saying: "There’s gotta be a level playing field, and there’s not a level playing field.

“The reality is, simplification of our tax code democratizes it.

“You know, if you have a tax code that the average person can’t understand. Who’s that going to benefit? It benefits the person with the army of accountants, army of lawyers, who can help them find the loophole in the nuance.”

However, her comments triggered an avalanche of criticism on social media, where her praise for US workers was branded "hypocrisy".

Users posted images showing a “Made in China” label on a line of her fashion company's shoes, and on a brand of signature ties sold by one of her father Donald’s companies.

The Independent reported earlier this year that the vast majority of Ms Trump's best-selling fashion line sold in New York department store Macy's was made in China and Vietnam.

Sandra‏ Raram wrote: “Then explain why does China make all your merchandise? Why? If you love the American workers why!”

Another said: “Someone should explain to her where her stuff and her dad’s stuff is actually made.”

Allison Galveston‏ wrote: “good one! Hypocrisy at its best!”, while Debra Simpson posted: “So why is your crap made in other countries?”

Mr Trump clinched the US presidential election in a shock victory on the back of his slogan to “Make America Great Again”, vowing to pull back the millions of mostly manufacturing jobs that had been lost to cheaper labour markets overseas such as Mexico and China.

In one interview before he ran for The White House he hit out at the Barack Obama administration, complaining it was letting China overtake the US as the “great economic leader” in the world.

In August, President Trump claimed to have added a million jobs to the US economy — a figure disputed by The Washington Post, which pointed out that the rate of job creation in the first few months of his presidency was very similar to that of the Obama administration, and that in any case his failure to introduce much new legislation means he is unlikely to have had such an effect on the economy.

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