Grace Jabbari is seen chasing Jonathan Majors after alleged assault in new video

A judge released a trove of evidence, including photos, text messages and a video recording of the Marvel star

Mike Bedigan
Los Angeles
Thursday 14 December 2023 13:47 GMT
Grace Jabbari is seen chasing Jonathan Majors in newly-unsealed video
Grace Jabbari is seen chasing Jonathan Majors in newly-unsealed video (AP)

Jonathan Majors can be seen tussling with former girlfriend Grace Jabbari before she chases him down a street in New York in newly-unsealed CCTV footage shown in court at his assault trial.

On Wednesday, Judge Michael Gaffey permitted the release of a trove of evidence, including pictures, text messages, photographs and a recording of the Marvel star calling himself a “great man”.

Mr Majors, 34, was arrested in March in Manhattan after Ms Jabbari accused him of slapping her, throwing her into a car after she exited it, twisting her arm and injuring her hand.

He is charged with misdemeanors, including assault, and could be sentenced to up to a year in jail if convicted. Mr Majors has pleaded not guilty.

Also released on Wednesday was extensive CCTV footage showing how the events on the night of March 25 unfolded.

Grace Jabbari and Jonathan Majors seen in surveillance footage from March 25, when the alleged incident at the centre of the actor’s assault trial occurred (Manhattan District Attorney’s Office)

In it, Mr Majors and Ms Jabbari can be seen struggling as he appears to force her into a parked black SUV. The pair then approach the side of the street, with Ms Jabbari grabbing Mr Majors’ arm.

He then breaks free of her grip and runs off down the road, Canal Street, with her in pursuit. The chase lasts several blocks.

During her testimony, Ms Jabbari told jurors the incident had erupted after she discovered evidence that Mr Majors had been cheating on her. She had seen a flirty text on his cell phone from a woman named “Cleopatra”.

Later, in separate CCTV footage, Ms Jabbari is seen with a group of people outside a store when Mr Majors walks past. She continues to follow him.

The pair are both seen separately at the Mark Hotel, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Mr Majors is seen talking on the phone before two police officers arrive and escort him away.

Grace Jabbari leaves court during Jonathan Majors’ assault case (Copyright 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

Some time later the officers return and escort Ms Jabbari from the hotel.

Last week, Judge Gaffey told attorneys in the case that they should not refer to Ms Jabbari as “the victim” but that she could be referred to as “the victim of X action”.

Judge Gaffey also ruled that the defence could bring up Ms Jabbari’s prior arrest, which followed a cross-complaint filed by Mr Majors against her in June. The complaint alleged that she had assaulted him.

The New York City Police Department authorised her arrest, but the Mahattan District Attorney’s Office ultimately decided not to pursue a case against her.

The trial was expected to last two weeks but it could stretch into a third, depending on how many witnesses the defence calls to the stand.

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