Las Vegas teen whose family was ridiculed for calling 911 to report alien in backyard speaks out

Angel Kenmore insists that he is telling the truth about the extraterrestrial encounter that left him ‘paralysed by fear’

Dan Gooding
Friday 26 April 2024 19:59 BST
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A teenager who was ridiculed after his family called 911 to report seeing a 10-foot-tall alien in their backyard has spoken out a year on – and is sticking by the story.

Angel Kenmore, 17, claimed that he was with his family in the yard of their Las Vegas home on the night of 30 April 2023, when a bright light came crashing into the ground and he saw a “giant creature”.

Other witnesses reported seeing the bright light, which was captured on a police officer’s body camera footage.

The family called 911, with the caller telling the dispatcher: “I swear to God this is not a joke, this is actually... we’re terrified”.

Multiple family members corroborated the story to police officers with one heard on bodycam recordings saying he saw a “shooting star and now these people say there are aliens in their backyard”.

The Kenmore family went public with their story last year and Angel revealed that he could make out a tall, very thin creature between 8ft and 10ft tall.

The Kenmores even created drawings of what they claimed to have seen, showing off the bizarre sketches to the media.

The family was relentlessly mocked for their claims by some but their story also brought UFO hunters to their home, forcing them to put “no trespassing” signs around the property.

The Kenmore family released this drawing in 2023 of the ‘alien’
The Kenmore family released this drawing in 2023 of the ‘alien’ (Inside edition)

Now, almost one year on, Angel has spoken again to insist that he was telling the truth. He said this week that he was left “paralysed by fear” by the apparent extraterrestrial encounter.

“It was moving and breathing. It was p***ed off, like it wanted to do something looking at me. I remember he was growling,” he told NewsNation this week.

While Angel originally said the creature was an alien, he said he now believes it was a “demon”.

“I couldn’t move,” he told the outlet, explaining how he looked at the creature for around 30 seconds.

Angel also hit out at the family’s critics, saying: “They can think whatever they want.”

Angel Kenmore insists that ‘non-human’ creatures landed in his Las Vegas backyard in April 2023
Angel Kenmore insists that ‘non-human’ creatures landed in his Las Vegas backyard in April 2023 (NewsNation)

“If I was doing it for fame, I would be on YouTube. I made no money off this. I don’t need money. It was a really bad and traumatising experience,” he said.

The Independent has contacted the American Meteor Society for comment but is yet to receive a response.

The organisation told NewsNation that it is certain the bright light seen that night was a meteor, because of the brief nature of the event.

While the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department initially investigated the family’s claim, it closed the case a few days later.

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