Onlookers band together to catch carnival ride and stop tragedy

Ride has been dismantled to figure out what caused it to malfunction

Clara Hill
Monday 12 July 2021 12:50 BST
A group of people holding up the ride
A group of people holding up the ride (Reddit)
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Footage has emerged of people rushing over to stop a ride at a carnival in Michigan from falling over into the crowd.

In the video of the accident, the Magic Carpet Ride begins to malfunction at Arnold’s Amusement in Traverse City swaying backwards and forwards.

In response, people run towards it to stop it from toppling over. The video was shared on Reddit, which showcases the scene as terrified people on and off the ride could be heard screaming.

“It started rocking a little bit back and forth, and then it started like going more, and then like, it was to the point where the base of it was like leaning way back and I was like ... that looks like it’s about to like fall back into the river right now. It was just ... I could not believe what I was seeing,” Joy Ogemaw told ABC 7 News.

Ms Ogemaw estimated that at least 25 people gathered to hold on to the ride.

Kobe Ramierz told the Traverse City Record-Eagle: “We were walking by and saw the ride going faster than it normally does, and then parts started breaking”

A representative from Arnold Amusement’s praised the response from the guests at the park and remarked it showed the caring nature of local residents.

“It just goes to show you what type of people live here in Traverse City - that they without even a second thought will go right over and do whatever they need to, you know for one of their own,” said Joe Even in a statement.

He also provided an update on the status of the ride, saying it had been taken down and sent away for assessment.

“Obviously there was a malfunction. We don’t know as of yet what it was. The ride has been dismantled, it is gone and it is on its way back to the factory,” he continued.

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