NFL hiring of Black coaches and executives slammed as ‘pitiful’ by Super Bowl broadcaster

Just two of last 20 head coaches hired are African-American and there are no Black owners

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Sunday 07 February 2021 23:45
NFL slammed for 'pitiful' record of hiring Black coaches by host of Super Bowl pre-game show

The NFL was slammed for its “pitiful” record of hiring Black head coaches and executives by the the host of the Super Bowl pre-game broadcast.

James Brown of CBS did not hold back when he compared the impact of Black players in the league to the opportunities given to them in leadership roles.

“As Black players have elevated the game there has been no commensurate rise to their standing as leaders of that game,” said Mr Brown.

"When it comes to the hiring of Black head coaches, team and league executives, and Black ownership, frankly the track record is pitiful.”

Mr Brown pointed out that just two of the last 20 head coaches hired by NFL teams have been Black, that there is just one Black team president, who is the first ever, and there are no Black owners.

He also said that nearly half of those players in the Hall of Fame are Black, but just two of the enshrined head coaches and none of the six general managers.

And he added that since 1920, less than five per cent of nearly 500 head coaches hired have been Black.

“I’d certainly like to believe today that there is not even a hint of that calculated exclusion of the 1930s, but can we really attribute this to an issue of unconscious bias when the numbers tell an unambiguous story,” he added.

“Whatever the true cause, the solution is the intention and willingness of the owners. 

“We are told this is an important issue to them and if so it is not a complicated issue, just act on it, just do it.

“To do the right thing is to recognise that people are given gifts and talent wrapped in a wide range of packaging, light colored and dark colored, male and female, everyone.

“If the truth is embraced and acted up on then fairness, justice and equality of opportunity will be the byproducts.

“And most of all divisiveness does not have to continue if we chose unconditional love for people really matters because love never, ever fails.”

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