Extraordinary close up of ant’s face wins Nikon photo competition prize

’There are no horrors in nature,’ photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas says

Abe Asher
Sunday 23 October 2022 18:08 BST
Ants have been observed rescuing and treating wounded comrades

A photographer took home a prize in a Nikon photography competition that celebrates microscopic photography for his remarkable shot of an ant’s face.

The Lithuanian photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas told Insider that he lives next to a forest, which made it easier for him to capture and photograph the ant whose face ended up being presented in stunning detail at the 2022 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition.

The picture of the ant’s face, magnified five times under a microscope, bears little resmeblence to what most humans might think of when they picture ants: the face in the photograph has red eyes and what appear to be golden fangs – sharp, intense features that struck at least one person as horrifying.

The photographer said in response, “There are no horrors in nature.”

“I’m always looking for details, shadows, and unseen corners. The main goal of photography is to be a discoverer,” Mr Kavaliauskas told Insider. “I am fascinated by the Creator’s masterpieces and the opportunity to see God’s designs.”

Mr Kavaliauskas, who has been awarded in the past for his photographs of birds of prey, did not take home first prize in the competition for his stirring and unusual image.

That honour, and the $3,000 that goes along with it, went to Grigorii Timin and Michel Milinkovitch of the University of Geneva. The pair were awarded for their vivid portrait of Madagascar giant day gecko’s front paw.

The prize-winning photograph taken by Eugenijus Kavaliauska of an ant’s face

Nikon has held its photography competition for 48 years, aiming to show off the power of its technology and celebrate one of the many photographic disciplines.

The company recieved some 1,300 entries to its 2022 competition, and announced the winners last week.

For all but the very best, the prizes are humble — Mr Kavaliauskas recieved a Nikon retail item with a value of just $35.

For photographers who are interested in competing with the likes of Mr Kavaliauskas, submissions for the 2023 edition of the competition are now open.

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