Huge explosion that destroyed food truck in Oregon caught on camera

The Buck Buck Food Truck went 'boom boom'

Sarah Harvard
New York
Monday 25 February 2019 17:07
Massive food truck explosion caught on camera

A food truck was blown into pieces when it suddenly exploded.

Buck Buck food cart located in the Whiteaker neighbourhood in Eugene, Oregon, unexpectedly exploded on Sunday morning causing significant damage to three nearby buildings.

Oakshire Brewing Public House had its door blown down by the blast. The explosion also somehow impacted the taps at the brewery and caused beer to spray everywhere.

Mikey Lawrence, who owns the Buck Buck Food Cart, said he received texts that Sunday morning notifying him that his truck bursted. The food truck sold fried chicken among other southern delicacies.

“I live close by so I rode over, waited for the train to pass and then saw it,” Mr Lawrence told the Register-Guard. “And I said, ‘Holy moly.’ Well, it wasn’t as nice as ‘Holy moly,’ but it was quite a shock.”

The business owner of an establishment next door said he was at church nearby when the explosion happened and felt the building shake.

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Eugene firefighters’ initial assessment determined that the explosion was caused by a malfunctioning gas line leading to the Buck Buck Food Truck.

No one was injured in the explosion.

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