Plane crashes into ocean yards from pregnant woman's photo shoot

No one involved in the incident was harmed

Clara Hill@clara_ish
Monday 10 May 2021 14:19
<p>A Florida beach was the site of a crash of a plane from the Second World War disrupting a pregnant woman’s maternity photo shoot</p>

A Florida beach was the site of a crash of a plane from the Second World War disrupting a pregnant woman’s maternity photo shoot

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People on a beach in Florida were shocked after an airplane landed in the ocean as a pregnant woman posed for photos nearby.

Footage recently emerged of Kyle Johnson, 23 taking pictures of his pregnant girlfriend Kristan Othersen, 22, alongside her mother Amber Ditmer, 40 on Cocoa Beach back on 17 April.

As they innocently captured their day out, an overhead TBM Avengers plane was taking part in a nearby airshow. However, due to a failed engine, it was forced to make an emergency landing, which Ms Ditmer caught on camera.

“My daughter Kristain wanted to take maternity photos at the beach. We were there for 10 minutes and my 14-year-old Miya was in the water and pointed at a plane coming in really low. I started taking photos as the plane kept getting lower and lower. There were people everywhere.” Ms Ditmer said, according to UniLad.

“I just assumed there was going to be a trick and nobody moved. Next thing you know, he’s going in the water, and thankfully he did not hit anyone. He managed to get around everyone, as the beachgoers were not moving.”

No one involved in the incident was harmed, including the pilot.

“It took a few minutes before he actually appeared. He had to keep his headset dry. Bystanders swam out to him and helped him out and then rescue units arrived,” Ms Ditmer.

“It was traumatising because I thought there would be someone under the plane. You can see the look of disbelief on my daughter’s face in one of the pictures. The pilot was okay but the plane stayed in the water until it was pulled out with a crane a few days later.”

Another witness to the event shared additional footage of the incident on Twitter, Kami Moffat, who was critiqued by viewers for not helping the pilot. She made it clear why she did not.

“We could immediately see the pilot was OK and no one was hit, some guys dove in south of us near the nose of the plane, the pilot didn’t want people in the water due to leaking fuel. Everyone was thankful no one was hurt.”

Cocoa Beach Air Show released a statement. It said: “The TBM Avenger performing in the warbird parade had a mechanical issue and the pilot was able to bring the plane down close to the shore. Rescue Personnel were immediately on the scene and the pilot is okay.”

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