Police officers high-five Women's March demonstrators

These cops were all smiles during demonstration in Atlanta

Jon Sharman
Sunday 22 January 2017 18:19
Police officers high-five demonstrators on women's march

Police officers dished out smiles and high-fives to Women's March protesters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The demonstration in the southern US state was one of hundreds in 30 countries around the world on Saturday, with a protest even taking place in Antarctica.

The march follows a wave of protests that took place during Donald Trump's campaign after he made sexist comments, including a recorded boast that famous men could grab women "by the pussy".

In some 700 marches around the world many people took the chance to display wit as well as outrage. In New Zealand one woman's sign read, "We shall overcomb", while in Bangkok a poster read, "Our rights aren't up for grabs and neither are we". "Resistance is fertile," proclaimed a banner on show in Kolkata, India.

A video clip posted by WSB-TV showed a group of marchers moving past a pair of police officers in Atlanta, all extending their arms for high-fives.

The officers grinned widely as the protesters passed by.

One commenter said: "Every time we marched past the cops everybody cheered and waved. It was really something."

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