Preacher who said women 'deserved to be raped' attacked by woman wielding baseball bat

A video shows the moment where the Arizona preacher was struck with the weapon


Rachael Revesz
New York
Monday 30 May 2016 16:51
Preacher attacked with baseball bat outside school

A street preacher in Arizona who held up a sign saying “You deserve to be raped” was hit over the head with a baseball bat by a woman who became enraged at his hateful rhetoric.

Brother Dean Saxton was standing outside Apollo High School in Glendale, Arizona, loudly condemning students and members of the LGBT community, when he was approached by a 19-year-old student with a baseball bat.

His camera was still rolling as students standing around wooped and cheered.

Tabitha Brubaker has been charged felony assault and marijuana possession by police, as reported by ABC15 News.

Mr Saxton posted the video to YouTube, where he is shouting condemnation through a loudspeaker at students on the opposite pavement.

He called for students to “change your evil ways” and stop “worshipping Satan”.

“You’re bad. You’re wicked. You’re evil,” Mr Saxton called out, wearing sunglasses under the shade of a tree.

He ranted against “dirty Muslims”, Facebook, pop and rock n’ roll music, gay people and pornography.

“The Bible says it’s not okay to be gay,” he said. “You need to repent of your sins. You need to stop doing naughty, nasty things, Apollo High School. You need to stop looking up naughty, nasty things on the Internet.”

Students shouted back at him to “go home” and he responded: “I haven’t even started yet."

He is reportedly often approached by students and teachers in Arizona, asking him to leave and criticizing him for holding a sign saying: “You deserve to be raped”. He posts videos of his encounters on YouTube.

“I’m trying to influence the fact that you need to be gone,” one teacher said to him. “I think you’re a disgrace to Christianity. Why don’t you go and preach it to somebody who really wants to hear your message, like Westboro Baptist Church?"

One student told him: “Only God can judge, keep that in your mind."

Just seconds before Mr Saxton was hit, a teacher warned him that students might attack.

The preacher walked away and filmed the blood on the side of his head.

"I shouldn't have stuck around," he said to the camera.

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