Republican candidate films herself lashing out at transgender woman in bathroom

Transgender woman accuses Republican who is running for Congress of invading her privacy

Maya Oppenheim
Friday 18 May 2018 15:12 BST
Republican confronting transgender woman in toilet

A Republican candidate has filmed herself confronting and lashing out at a transgender woman using the woman’s toilet at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Jazmina Saavedra, who is currently running for Congress in California, misgendered the trans woman and branded her a “stupid guy” in the Denny’s diner.

Ms Saavedra, who is campaigning for a seat in California’s 44th district, documented the incident in a Facebook Live on Tuesday.

“I’m trying to use the ladies’ room and there is a man here claiming that he is a lady,” Ms Saavedra said as she entered the bathroom.

“You’re invading my privacy,” the transgender woman inside the cubicle said.

"You’re invading my privacy because I’m a woman and I deserve to use the woman, the ladies’ room,” Ms Saavedra hit back.

“You violated my right. You are sick and stupid,” the Republican added.

The Republican then left the bathroom and waited for her to leave the room.

“So, that guy is violating my right to use the ladies’ room here, and he’s saying he’s a lady! Stupid guy,” she added.

She claimed the manager was helping her take the woman out of the restroom, when she confronted her again.

The woman replied, “Excuse me, I was using the toilet ... Why are you singling me out, lady? And I see you yesterday following me."

Ms Saavedra urged her to use the men’s toilet or "nobody's room" or the “transgender room” next time.

A restaurant worker could then be seen appearing to escort her out of the chain restaurant.

“I was with my pepper spray ready and I called the manager so he helped me,” Ms Saavedra told the camera after the woman had left the restaurant.

“How can I be with a man inside of the ladies’ room just because he thinks he’s a lady? This is unbelievable. Only in California, this happens.”

“Every lady needs to have a stun gun and a pepper spray. Be prepared because you never know what crazy people you can find in public restaurants,” she added as she presented both items to the camera.

Ms Saavedra states on her “Vote for Jaz” website that she is running for Congress because she wants to work to preserve “morals and faith” of “conservative families.”

Every lady needs to have a stun gun and a pepper spray. Be prepared because you never know what crazy people you can find in public restaurants

Jazmina Saavedra, Republican candidate

She is running against incumbent Democrat Representative Nanette Diaz Barragan in the Los Angeles area district.

“I was appalled by the treatment that this woman received for simply trying to use the restroom,” Ms Barragan said in a statement.

“Everyone has the right to their own identity, and the right not to be discriminated against for who they are.”

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