Richard Spencer, alt-right leader and white nationalist, punched in face at Trump inauguration

The incident took place on the corner of 14th and K Street in Washington DC

Justin Carissimo
New York
Friday 20 January 2017 07:08 GMT
Alt-right leader Richard Spencer punched in the face during inauguration protest

Richard Spencer, the alt-right leader and white nationalist, was punched in the face twice Friday amid the inauguration festivities in Washington DC.

One of the photographers who captured the 38-year-old getting clocked in the face told Jezebel that the leader will definitely be sore in the morning.

“Someone ran up behind him and clocked him in the face. Somebody in a mask. Spencer kept talking. Then it happened again,” the witness explained.

“One of them was in the ear,” he continued, describing the attack on the corner of 14th and K Street at 2:30pm. “He’s gonna have a big face tomorrow. Keep an eye on it.”

Mr Spencer openly leads the so-called alt-right movement that’s been described as a mix between populism, racism, and white nationalism.

The group commonly rejects the American ideal that all races, religions, genders, and ethnic minorities should be treated equally under law.

Shortly after the attack, Mr Spencer was apparently rushed to a taxicab by one of his assistants.

The incident even inspired a spirited debate on Twitter, with people arguing for and against violence against Nazis.

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