Montana woman with machete hides in ex-boyfriend's house then forces him to have sex, police say

Victim found her behind his bedroom door

Meagan Flynn
Monday 02 July 2018 20:07
Samantha Ray Mears. Image: Great Falls Police Department
Samantha Ray Mears. Image: Great Falls Police Department

A US woman allegedly forced her ex-boyfriend to have sex by threatening him with a machete.

Samantha Mears is accused of aggravated burglary and assualt.

The victim claims his former partner confronted him with the weapon after appearing from behind his bedroom door. Mears then allegedly forced him onto the bed, making him strip.

The 19-year-old purportedly held the weapon throughout the attack in which she removed her underwear, crawled on top of him and engaged in sexual intercourse.

The man said he feared he could not leave the room without being hurt.

After the alleged assault, he tried to push Mears off him but she bit him on the arm, he told officers in Great Falls, Montana.

He claims he managed to take several photos of Mears with the machete in her hand as she sat naked on the bed and tried to have sex again.

Police chase down man wielding two-foot machete

The brunette allegedly tore a piece of trim from the bedroom off the wall, and deliberately urinated on the victim's bed.

The man eventually managed to ring the police by pretending to call a friend as he and Mears argued.

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