‘Hero’ Starbucks barista praised for saving woman from harassment

‘We need more people like this in the world,’ woman says

Gino Spocchia
Thursday 21 October 2021 14:43

Starbucks Introduces New Plant-Based Offerings

A Starbucks barista has been hailed a “hero” after reassuring a TikTok user who was allegedly being “harassed” by a man that she was “there if you need me”.

The TikTok user, @savbmitchell, was sitting outside a Starbucks on 1 October and started recording while an unknown man was talking to her.

The conversation appeared to be unwanted, and the TikTok user was seen talking to the man for two minutes about hiking, and “saying a bunch of random stuff about Colorado”.

As a viewer noted, it was unclear “how long this was going on before she started filming OR how old this man is”, and “the barista was there and she was concerned for her”.

@savbmitchell, who identified herself as Savannah, was talking to the man for another minute before halfway through the TikTok, a Starbucks barista walked over to her and whispered: “I’m right inside if you need me”.

She wrote in the caption that she was sharing the encounter “because of the sweetest Starbucks barista who came out and gave me a water and whispered ‘I’m right inside if you need me’”.

“We need more people like this in the world”, Savannah said.

The man continued talking with the TikTok user and realed-off facts about Colorado and a shooting from 2012 before asking for Savannah’s name and number.

“I think you’re really pretty,” he was heard saying.

Savannah told him that she had a boyfriend and said “I actually don’t have social media now”, after he asked for “Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat”.

A Starbucks employee wrote in the comments that baristas were trained to “look out for customers being hassled by weirdo regulars. We got y’all.”

Another wrote: “Omg girl. I know this feeling. We need to normalise saying no”.

One user, who others pointed out was a man, said the man in the TikTok was “just being social [and] he thought you were pretty. He was just trying his luck, omg. I’m so sorry this happened”.

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