TikToker divorces husband after spotting tiny detail on Facebook

Video garners millions of views after creator shares ‘most ridiculous lie’ she’s ever heard

Gustaf Kilander
Washington, DC
Monday 19 April 2021 14:59
TikToker Tylar Paige shares the story of how she confronted her husband after seeing an image of him in a nightclub.
TikToker Tylar Paige shares the story of how she confronted her husband after seeing an image of him in a nightclub.

A TikToker says she divorced her husband after seeing a Facebook photo of him at a nightclub without his wedding ring - and he offered up a pathetic excuse.

Tylar Paige, says that she saw her husband in a photo taken by a nightclub photographer that was posted to the venue's Facebook page.

In the image, he's "with a bunch of girls" and he's not wearing his wedding ring. When confronted with this photo, Ms Paige says her now former husband claimed that “they Photoshopped his ring off".


She writes that it was "the most ridiculous lie I've ever heard," and states in the caption that "I’d love for this sound to go viral because he will know he’s the only idiot that would tell such a whopper!!!"

She ends the video with the words: “They Photoshopped his ring off? Oh, sure they did. We’re divorced."

Ms Paige later elaborated to her viewers, saying: “After realising he was married to a Photoshop expert, and no nightclub photographer is going to take all that time to Photoshop his ring off, he changes his story.

“He tells me that he must have taken his ring off when he washed his hands and forgot to put it back on. Huh, what a convenient time to forget to put your ring back on.”

After she pointed out that his cousin also wasn't wearing his wedding ring in the image, her then-husband said his cousin's ring was black and could not be seen in the shadowy nightclub. Ms Paige later discovered out that the cousin's ring was silver, not black.

Commenters on the video commiserated with similar stories.

"My ex-husband’s ring fell off in his Instagram stories from work but somehow he found it and put it back on every day before he walked in the door," one user wrote.

Another person shared this tidbit: “My ex was on a dating site… his excuse was it was an old profile and dating sites make the accounts of hot people look active to get more people."

A third wrote: "My husband came home with a hickey. He said he fell and his neck hit the toilet."

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