Trevor Noah calls Isis 'capitalist hypocrites' for selling stolen artifacts to the US

'And the most embarrassing thing is who you sold out to...'

Justin Carissimo
New York
Wednesday 30 September 2015 15:42

On his second night hosting Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah admit he was disappointed with Isis for selling ancient artifacts throughout Syria and the Middle East.

“I’m not angry with you, I’m disappointed, because you sold out. And the most embarrassing thing is who you sold out to,” he said, referring to United States art collectors. The South African-born comedian slammed the terrorist organization for claiming their mass murders were out of religious conviction, when they are really "capitalist hypocrites" who make millions of dollars off stolen oil and artifact sales.

“You’ve got to admire someone who makes that much money… and still drives their s**t car to work every single day. They’re like the Warren Buffet of the terrorist organisations.”

Just last month, the FBI warned US art dealers that purchasing looted artifacts may result in prosecution charges of “providing financial support to a terrorist organization.” Looted materials were reported to the FBI, which were eventually returned to the Iraq National Museum, including coins, glass, pottery, jewelry, figurines and manuscripts.

Noah attempted to make light of the problem: "Of course the US loves to buy the country’s used culture, the same way NBC got The Office from England, and HBO bought that Japanese show Tiny Man Dragon Queen — they always do it."

Senior antiquities correspondent Desi Lydic made her debut in the segment, arguably the season's strongest thus far, selling off ancient "10,000-year-old artifacts made from 100 percent sandstone."

Watch the entire segment here:

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