US-Canada relationship has 'never been stronger', Mike Pence says

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he addressed abortion rights during his meeting with the US vice president

Lily Puckett
New York
Friday 31 May 2019 21:13

In a press conference with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Vice President Mike Pence said he believes the relationship between the US and Canada has “never been stronger.”

The two met in the Canadian capital to discuss a new trade agreement, which the Prime Minister called a “win-win-win.”

“President Trump and I believe the relationship between the United States and Canada has never been stronger and that is a reflection of his leadership and your leadership,” Mr Pence told Mr Trudeau.

The two met to discuss a new trade agreement, which the prime minister called a “win-win-win.”

“We have an historic opportunity to strengthen the economic ties between our two nations with the passage of the USMCA,” Mr Pence said during the press conference.

The vice president was reportedly hoping the meeting would help drum up support for the agreement, which seeks to replace NAFTA, and still needs approval from several key lawmakers in Canada, Mexico, and the US.

However, Mr Pence’s return from Canada was met with an abrupt Twitter announcement from President Trump that he would be imposing a 5 per cent tariff on all Mexican imports “until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP.”

“The tariff will gradually increase until the illegal immigration problem is remedied,” the president’s tweet continued.

In his own press conference, Mr Trudeau said he also brought up a non-trade issue during his meeting with the vice president: Mr Pence’s support of the anti-abortion legislation currently sweeping the US.

“I highlighted to the vice president that there was a significant amount of concern amongst Canadians about the new anti-choice laws being passed in a number of states,” Mr Trudeau told reporters. “This government will always be a strong supporter of women’s rights and a woman’s right to choose.”

“It was a cordial conversation,” he continued, “but it is one in which we have very different perspectives.”

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