Biden criticises Trump for embracing ‘all the thugs in the world’

President mocked for ‘sending love letters’ to dictator Kim Jong-un

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Friday 16 October 2020 04:31 BST
He "embraces all the thugs of the world" says Biden of Trump's foreign policy

Joe Biden ripped into Donald Trump for embracing “all the thugs in the world” as he condemned the president’s foreign policy record.

And Mr Biden mocked Mr Trump for sending North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un “love letters” at his ABC town hall event.

“This president embraces all the thugs in the world,” said Mr Biden.

“I mean he is best friends with the leader of North Korea, sent him love letters, and he does not take on Putin in any way.

“So I would respectfully suggest no, there is no plan, no coherent plan in foreign policy.

"We have been most effective as a world leader not just from the exercise of our power, we are the most powerful nation in the world, but the power of our example that is what’s led the rest of the world to follow us on almost everything

"He has pulled out of almost every international organisation and he gets laughed at, literally not figuratively, when he goes to the UN.

“It is not about the president per se it is about the nation and the lack of respect that is shown to us.”

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